Etiquette on where and how to hold a glass

Welcome to our regular column on etiquette.  The more we interact in society and social events the more we find ourselves confronted with  inherently good beverages and snacks. But  did you know that a lot can be told about a person  by the type of drink you have or by how you hold a glass of wine?  Come with us now to learn more about the etiquette of drinking wine.

A glass is always held by the stem, this prevents  both nasty stains on its sparkly shiny surface and having an external effect on the temperature of the drink.  The temperature of the drink  inside the glass is governed by another set of rules.  The colder the drink in the glass, the lower we hold the stem. In the case of wines, which are frequently encountered in society, hold the glass by the stem, red wine almost at its bottom, ie the top of the stem, for white wines  hold the middle of the stem  and chilled champagne at the bottom of the stem of the glass.

And at what temperature and how should we serve a glass of wine? Each type of wine is individual, therefore shapes of glasses are designed to highlight the nature of the type of wine. Red wine is served at a temperature of 16-18 °C in a round, plump glass, allowing the wine to recieve more oxygen and develop its fragrance. White wine is served at a temperature of 10-12 °C and is served in narrower glasses with a small cup and a longer shank. Since while wine is served at a lower temperature it will remain cooler and fresh due to the shape of glass. White wine has an unobtrusive perfume, the scent is subtle and this is also one of the reasons why we chose a narrower glass. Sparkling wines and champagnes are cooled to a temperature of about 5 °C, served in a very high glasses, called „flutes“. When serving sparkling wines and champagnes with fruit, for example champagne with strawberries, serve in a very wide open and shallow glass with a high stem. Both forms  guarantee a sparkling appearance full of sparkling pearls.

We have now mastered the theoretical part,  now it remains to verify and put your knowledge into practice in one of our hotel restaurants and bars.


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