Etiquette: When you say Dress Code

"Clothes make a man." Whether you agree or disagree with this saying, it does carry a great deal of truth. With regard to attire men and women generally take great pride in their appearance.

Dress Code is part of etiquette. It's a code, and helps determine how to dress in certain situations. In the same that there is a Dress Code designed for the workplace or afternoon and evening social events, in the hotel Carlsbad Plaza you will encounter specific Dress Code rules in most areas of the hotel. Guests are alerted to the Dress Code requirements at the entrance to each area.

Let us remind you of the basic definitions regarding the issue of Dress Code. For example...

For men a complete suit, however shirt and pants or a polo shirt with a collar is sufficient. For ladies, conservative style pants or dress, or a suitably cut blouse and skirt.

Elegant but informal. For men for example, an interesting collar shirt or polo shirt, no tie, summer bright or striped jacket, blazer and light trousers, loafers without socks. Women have a wide repertoire, Capri style is appropriate here, designer jeans, long shorts above the knees with creases, accompanied by the same color jacket, miniskirt.

For prestigious social events held in the spirit of Black Tie this literally means wearing a tuxedo with a black bow ti efor men, ladies are expected to wear a conservative style full length dress. Althought  th colour black  is mentioned in the title, it is not a requirement.

Highly formal and socially significant events dictate that men wear a tailcoat with a waistcoat and white bow tie. Regarding footwear, designer leather shoes is required. And for ladies a great evening gown.

This style of your dress code is governed by the time at which the event takes place. During the day, a man ought to vote for a casual business suit. His female counterpart chooses an elegant formal dress or conservative sheath dress.

Whether you are going to the office, at a prestigious gala dinner or social event, remember that "clothes make a man."


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