Exception Ultimate...and time stands still...


Exception Ultimate is pleased to present the first comprehensive anti-wrinkle care. Your skin will experience an ultimate and highly effecient anti-wrinkle effect which the Thalgo research center achieved through Complex©, a product which activates the shrink force of the fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are known to be the basic cells of youth , which due to their structure can shrink. With advancing age, the fibroblasts are forced to struggle with a variety of facial movements and thus weaken and in the most stressed areas to form wrinkles . So now we not only understand how wrinkles form but also how to stop this process thanks to the ultimate anti-wrinkle range of products from Thalgo.

The magic of Exception Ultimate lies in the extraordinary Age Reverse Complex© which contains natural hormones from algae , and makes the already mentioned fibroblasts shrink force and its migratory capacity recovers less expendable extract from the Egyptian fig tree. Apart from the range of anti-wrinkle Age Reverse Complex© products there is also Designer, which involves stimulating the synthesis of the dermal components which are essential for youthfulness.  And then there is Lastine 3D, which thanks to dill extract  activates the correct three-dimensional structure of elastin and Complex against dark spots with vitamin C and oleuropein obtained from the olive tree.

Exception Ultimate demonstrates its power in numbers. Experts have measured a 31% decrease in  wrinkle depth after the first treatment . After the second treatment the facelifting effect was measured and had improved by 30% displacement volume of 26% or renewed facial contours + 28%. The anti-wrinkle treatment was tested on women aged 49-69 years. Impressive results , don’t you think ?

Now consider a small inconspicuous tool for every woman and even men - BB cream. BB cream almost creates a second skin, within a few seconds hides imperfections and redness of the skin, highlights natural beauty , moisturizes and protects the skin from the sun. All this accompanied by a fresh fragrance with notes of tea laced with fresh flowers.

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