Fateful Time

One of the most fundamental physical values is time, determined by one of the most frequently used wristwatches. Undoubtedly, the history of watch making worldwide was to a great extent created by the Swiss brand ZENITH, which is typically recognized by the star emblem on the dial.

The Zenith brand is perhaps one of the youngest established watch making brands and was founded in 1865 by the twenty-two year old Georges Favre Jacot. Zenith was one of the few Swiss brands to have developed their own wristwatches incorporating automatic chronograph movement, these include models such as Elite (standard type) and El Primero (chronograph). The El Primero became a truly legendary caliber and the series has been produced since 1969. Holding an unsurpassed record, the El Primero was credited with 36 000 frequencies per minute, during which time chronograph can be measured to the nearest tenth of a second.

The accuracy and reliability of this wristwatch have proved to be the two most important factors in ensuring the brands 1500 awards throughout its history. Production of these watches can take up to 9 months and during that time, the whole process from the very beginning, through manufacturing, production and finally to sales, requires the expertise of 80 professions. Capable of resisting the most extreme conditions these watches are worn by members of the Air Force and Navy on dispatch and reconnaissance missions. Developments in wristwatches are constantly moving forward and the same can be said for the ZENITH brand, thus resulting in the development and manufacture of watches with a vast array of functions.

It seems this brand has a predestined fate in wristwatches. To be absolutely sure that you are following the precise time, you definitely should not be without your Zenith wristwatch.


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