Franck Provost, French charm in Czech Republic

There are 60 Franck Provost hairdressing salons in Paris. The first Franck Provost Coiffure was already opened in the outskirts of Paris in St. German-en Laye in 1975. The fame of their owner, who was given numerous hairdressing awards, was growing with every new salon opened by him.

Twenty years later the first franchise salon was opened outside Paris and nowadays Franck Provost has 6,000 salons in 25 countries of the world, including the Czech Republic. You can visit one of them at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel.

Fabian "Salsa" Provost

Fabio Provost, son of founder Franck Provost, visited the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel in July. He and his father have been working together on new collections and trends for several years. While the father prefers staid and classical elegance, Fabio "Salsa" promotes young, keen and dynamic fashion as indicated by his pseudonym of passionate dance.

Our Executive Director Ms Romana Mrvová could experience Fabian's art during his stay at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel and she was very satisfied by the styling of her hair.


Franck Provost

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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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