From behind the scenes: The Carlsbad Clinic


Surely everyone occasionally thinks about what goes on behind the scenes at the Carlsbad Plaza. Our small regular column traditionally features a behind the scenes look into hotel environments that are generally kept confidential. This time and in this article we accompany our dear guests to the Carlsbad Clinic, the building which is directly linked to the 1st and 3rd floors of the hotel, and should you not be a hotel guest, you can still make an appointment at the beauty and health clinic‘s own reception.

The independent and very luxurious Carlsbad Wellness and Medical Clinic offers a true experience of health and beauty. On a daily basis the five storey premises is home to up to 50 employees, which constitute an expert team of specialists , including external experts, professional masseurs, Thai massage therapists, nurses and experienced cosmetologists, all of whom are ready to meet the most demanding needs of all clients. The Carlsbad Clinic boasts a diagnostic department with its own laboratory, 14 medical specializations with a medical team made up of  14 physicians and a long list of about 200 different medical procedures and treatments. An incredible 300 procedures can be performed each day at the Carlsbad Clinic.

An overall more demanding and faster lifestyle calls for additional support from your defense mechanisms in order to restore the energy balance of your body and induce psychological well-being.  Where no other option exists to support health and beauty, a modern operating theater is available should a client's condition require immediate and radical intervention. Effective results for your health and natural beauty become a reality with the help of innovative and relaxing techniques such as whole-body cryotherapy, traditional Thai massages,  skin and body treatments for both men and women with Thalgo natural cosmetics and Terraké Sensai, peat baths and wraps or intestinal flushing.

There are so many things you can do for your health and beauty, commitment and timely arrival at the Carlsbad Clinic are however important. In the hands of professionals you will find a true symbiosis of body and soul, something which has been for many years described in the ancient Greek belief of "Kalokagathia" .


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