From our bars

From our bars

Invitation for a cocktail

What are you doing tonight? We advise you to make your evening more enjoyable by coming to our „Old Times“ nightbar at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. Cocktails, how did it all start? Close your eyes, now you are behind the scenes of an American bar at the end of the 18th century ...
Someone has surely expressed interest in the emergence of the word „cocktail“ itself, is probably most likely originated of the English word „cock's“ tail = rooster tail. According to superstition only a rooster‘s tail was used when mixing these popular mixed drinks. To make matters worse, even the French have come up with their own version of the origin of the word, for them it‘s „Coquetel“ = cup for eggs, which was used by the pharmacist Antoine Peychaud for serving drinks in New Orleans .
The first professional in this field was Jerry Thomas, nicknamed the Professor, and is considered the father of American mixed drinks. He mixed such unique cocktails that even weary gold prospectors stood on their feet. He experienced great fame with his talent when he prepared a cocktail so diabolical for one of the prospectors that he was rewarded with a lump of gold.
The American Prohibition in 1919 was undoubtedly a breeding ground for mixed drinks. The ban on producing and selling alcohol, resulted in even more being produced and sold. Secret bars arose, for those who wanted to drink and not be caught, they had to act very cautiously. The name of these secret bars called "speakeasies" is derived from the whisperings of the clients. Despite everything bartending was vehemently undertaken in Cuba, which has become one large bar for America.
And what cocktail can you enjoy at the Old Times nightbar?
4 dl         Gin
2 dl         Campari bitter
1 dl         Cinzano bianco
Orange peel for garnish
Put all the ingredients on crushed ice in a shaker, stir well, then pour into ice-filled glass. Garnish with the orange peel.
FRENCH 75 - ?????
4 dl         Cognac
1 dl         Sugar sirup
2 dl         Lemon juice
spiral of lemon peel, top up with champagne
Put all the ingredients, except the champagne, in a shaker and stir well. Then pour into a champagne flute and top up with champagne and garnish with a spiral of lemon peel.
4 dl         vodka
2 dl         gin
2 dl         white tequila
2 dl         white rum
1 dl         créme de menthe
4 dl         lemon juice
1 spoon of sugar, slice of lime, top up with Cola
Pour everthing except the cola into a shaker, mix well and pour over ice into a highball glass.
Top up with cola and garnish with a slice of lime.


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