From our bars

From our bars

Grappa, an aroma and taste of Italy.

When speaking about Italy surely we recall the sea, the Dolomites or the extensive vineyards with vines stretching from valley to mountain. Let’s stop for a moment at the grapevine and contemplate one of its forms - grappa.
Grappa is a brandy resulting from the distillation of fresh pressed grape pomace. This designation applies to spirits produced in Italy and Italians are proud that Grappa also has its own law. It has been said that the name Grappa originated in the town of Bassano del Grappa, located at the base of the mountain Monte Grappa. Interestingly it also seems there is another option that the mountain itself, Monte Grappa, got its name from this fiery wine drink. A more probable theory is that the name Grappa originated from word „rapus“ the Latin word for grapes. However, the option which is closest to the words origin is probably the simplest theory. The word for „leftovers“ after pressing grapes - grápo, rappe, rappe, ráspe, graspa, probably gave the name to this Italian grape brandy.
The production of grappa is also a challenge, the distilling process is much more difficult than other spirits where only liquids are processed. In the case of Grappa however, distillation is done directly with the pomace of pressed grapes, a process which resembles cooking the pomace in a water bath. When a double-jacketed distilling apparatus is used in  production the grappa is classified "distillata a bagnomaria". Grappa which is classified "distillata and vapore" is distilled with steam and using an apparatus on which the pomace is distributed on a grid.
For what occassions is grappa served? Enjoy it after a good meal or follow  the Italian tradition and accompany your cup of coffee with a grappa. Enjoy, for example, a Grappa Berta  from the heart of the Piedmont hills in our restaurants and bars. Berta grappas are refined and aromatic and release a fragrance that can only come from a grape of the very best quality. As well as grappa The Marzadro distilling company also produces a grappa of the highest quality using the most prestigious grapes from the Trentino valleys. From Marzadro you get the fragrances and flavors typical of these picturesque valleys.
Did our brief story catch your attention? Then do not miss out on a warm invitation to enjoy a grappa in one of our hotel bars and restaurants where you too can sample this Italian national treasure.
“Salute! “


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