From our bars: Coffee, promises a unique experience...

Very few of the drinks that we encounter on a daily basis have such an interesting and rich history, a history, which for us, has already been the subject of several articles. The birthplace of coffee is likely to have been the Kaffa province of Ethiopia, from where in the 13th and 14th century the coffee bush was taken to Yemen. 

Probably everyone recognizes the names Arabica and Robusta and that these are designations for types of coffee, but do you know which one will be the resulting drink? From the Arabica blend we obtain a coffee with a smooth and delicious taste. In contrast, coffee made from Robusta contains twice as much caffeine, while its flavor and intoxicating aroma are not so pronounced. Did you also know that the world recognizes more than 60 kinds of coffee? Each coffee, however, almost exclusively uses one of the two types mentioned above.

Drinking coffee is considered a ceremony stemming from the traditions and culture of its origins. Do not deprive yourself of the wonderful ritual of brewing coffee and prepare yourself for the day to come. In order to perfectly enjoy coffee use freshly ground beans  in its preparation before brewing, serve it in a cup of coffee with a saucer and a teaspoon. Coffee is also served with 1dl of still water at room temperature. Begin drinking the actual coffee immediately after preparation, while it still contains its flavor and aroma.

Imagine a delicious, iconic Danesi coffee, which has been the number one Italian espresso among connoisseurs for decades. It has been the coffee leader in the Czech Republic since 2008. Danesi, the highest quality coffee with an unmistakable aroma and perfect taste comes from Rome, which speaks for itself, where coffee drinking and coffee is a part of life.

Danesi coffee can also be enjoyed at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, because Danesi is the promise of a unique experience that you can live with each new day.


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The birthplace of coffee is likely to have been the Kaffa province of Ethiopia, from where in the 13th and 14th century the coffee bush was taken to Yemen.


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