From our bars: Vodka, the purest of drinks


Vodka , this article could start like many boring articles , for example as follows : Vodka is a type of popular alcoholic beverage typically containing 35-70 % alcohol , is clear in color and so on. But we certainly do not want to bore our readers.

Vodka is more than just a popular alcoholic beverage. Contained therein is a cultural heritage of centuries of tradition and often humorous social ‘faux pas’. The exact origin of this precious distillate is not truly known, however because of avid confirmation from Russia and surprisingly Poland we can undoubtedly find the source there somewhere.  The first mention of vodka can be found in the 14th century in Poland, but the Russians claim that they have been producing vodka since the 10th century. In Poland, in the 15 century, vodka was fundamentally used for medical purposes but in Tsarist Russia it was an important trade commodity and could not be omitted from social events, or a Russian household. For Russians vodka is without a doubt both soul and culture. By the 18 century vodka contained only 20 % alcohol, which is often compared to today’s 40% as very little.

A source of fermentable sugars is needed for the production of vodka, mostly corn or potatoes. It is interesting that Finnish vodka is produced primarily from barley, from rye for Swedish vodka and from potatoes for Polish vodka. And many say that the Russians can make vodka from almost anything.

Accept an invitation to the hotel bars and enjoy the pleasant environment while degusting premium vodka.

The following vodkas are ready for you to toast:
Grey Goose is an ultra-premium vodka produced and bottled in Cognac, France. Water used for its production comes from the French Alps, from a spring called ‘Gente’ Springs. Using the ' Pot Still ' distillation method the liquid is filtered through activated carbon. It features a slightly smoky aroma with a hint of mint and grain.
The queen of true vodka is Beluga, whose recipe is unique and is characterized by is complicated production process which takes up to 1 month. Basis ingredients include Siberian artesian water and special malt.
The bar menus at the Carlsbad Plaza also propose Absolut vodka, Russian Standard and Finlandia .


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