From our bars: Whiskey


"Only two things are best without anything, and one of them is whiskey." ... Gaelic proverb

Whisky is one of the most popular spirits of all time, and one which you too will soon conquer. It is therefore no wonder that its discovery is disputed by both the Scots and the Irish, who could be called the two superpowers in the production of whiskey. If we looked for some trusted sources that would help us understand the true history of whiskey, it would be a search in vain, because the history of Whiskey is shrouded in legend.

Irish people often talk about St. Patrick, who firstly defied the devil, then laid the foundations of Christianity and then the Irish finally ltaught the secret of distilling whiskey – „the water of life“. Contrary to all the legends and the fact that Ireland‘s history is vast, the first written mention of whiskey is from Scotland in the 12th century. To make matters more complicated, if you order a drink made in Ireland or America, it is a "Whiskey" if it is made in Scotland or Canada, it is a "Whisky".

Consider also that the basis for the brown gold-colored drink is a combination of water, grain and yeast. In our hotel you can taste more than 40 kinds of whiskey. These of course include famous brands such as Jack Daniel's and special editions or Johnnie Walker. If you are still interested in tasting some really rare whiskey, choose Laphroaig, Prince Charles is a big fan, or Chivas Regal, which was established in 1801, and is the brand which is Top Rated in international competitions. Or mixed, multi-species Scotch whiskey, for example, Royal Salute. For whiskey enthusiasts why not try the Nikka Whisky which is distilled in Japan or the Canadian whisky Canadian Club Classic 12.  Whiskey drinking is not just for men, for ladies we recommend for example Dimple, a 15 year fine Scotch whiskey.

An interesting menu, don‘t you think? Come and enjoy an evening glass of good "Whiskey" or "Whisky" in one of the bars at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza.



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