From our Town

From our Town

The Municipal Theatre of Karlovy Vary

Karlovy vary offers a surprisingly rich and wide variety of unforgettable cultural experiences.  Our Municipal Theatre can be found just a short walk from the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza away, in the direction of the thermal springs. This cultural venue provides a wonderfully varied program, offering its visitors a different form of rexlaxation.
Although the first recorded mention of the existence of theater life in Karlovy Vary comes from the beginning of the l8th century, the impressive building of the current theater did not start construction until 1884, just a month after the demolition of the old theater, which was located on the same site as the present building.
The theater project was entrusted to the hands of the Vienna studio of Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer and the whole building was constructed in just 20 months. For the record, Mr. Fellner and Mr. Helmer designed fifty theaters throughout Europe, and all the lighting, chandeliers and especially the beautiful Rococo lamps on the stairs of Karlovy Vary`s Municipal Theatre are a result of their work.
The magnificent artistic gems in form of hand-painted veils displaying a poetic celebration of art, frescos above the proscenium arch and paintings on the roof are tributed to the renowned Viennese brothers Gustav and Ernest Klimt and Franz Matsch. All three artists were between twenty-two and twenty-five years old, which only confirms their natural talent. Furthermore, as if this were not enough, a third Viennese artist, Theodor Friedl, designed the sculptural decorations, which are located mainly in the foyer and on the facade of the building and displayed in the same way as ancient griffons guarding the entrance. Surely you will agree that the work mentioned above is a unique example of Viennese Pseudo architecture that adds originality to Karlovy Vary and brings with it the unique atmosphere of the historic cities of Prague and Vienna.
So, would you now like to enter the world of culture? Just last year 37,393 spectators visited the Municipal Theatre in Karlovy Vary. Wouldn`t you too like to be posessed by its soul and art? 


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