From our town: Karlovy Vary porcelain


Although the production of porcelain in Bohemia is far-reaching and has rich history, porcelain holds primacy in China, which for more than a thousand years managed to keep from of the rest of the world the secret of its production. It was not until the early 18th century, precisely in 1709, after much research and many failed attempts that JF Böttger succeeded in revealing the Chinese secrets. In the 90’s of the 18th century the production of porcelain was mastered in Western Bohemia and 1794 the first ever Czech porcelain saw light. The big heyday came with the discovery of high-quality kaolin deposits in the Karlovy Vary region and hence began a long history of production of conventional Karlovy Vary porcelain.

Karlovy Vary is rightfully called a town of spa and porcelain, and for the most important component in the manufacture of porcelain, which is kaolin, Karlovy Vary holds the highest quality. A visit to the Karlovy Vary spa allows a good opportunity to purchase at least a small porcelain souvenir from the largest Czech porcelain producer Thun 1794 and it is also worth noting the Leander porcelain brand with one hundred years of tradition.

Leander Porcelain, also known worldwide as Rudolf Kampf , was founded in Loučkách in 1907, and produces soft white and pink decorative but utilitarian pottery, with complex shapes and decoupage and hand painting. The skill of the Leander porcelain masters gives uniqueness. Evidence of the porcelains reputation is proven by the exclusive supply of porcelain to the Parliament and Senate of the Czech Republic.

As regards Thun 1794 porcelain we often hear about the so-called ‘hard’ porcelain, which in production is heated to a temperature of 1405 ° C. This porcelain is of high quality and distinctive design based on more than 200 years of tradition and will ensure that should you have some at home , it will be porcelain that has been passed down from generation to generation. If you are a fan of industrial tourism, come to Thun 1794 visitors’ center in Nova Role near Karlovy Vary, where you can have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the production of porcelain in the factory.


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