From our town: Wax Museum

Wax Museum

Surely you have often thought how nice it would be to meet many prominent figures, or about how they look "live and up close"? And surely you can think of several names of such personalities over the past 120 years, forever positioned in history. Do you think the time for such a meeting has expired and unfortunately is not possible? Do not despair, because you're in the right place, and even though it may seem unrealistic, at the right time.

Pay a visit to St. Luke’s church, which is a neo-Gothic gem of Karlovy Vary. Thanks to this unforgettable visit, you will see not only some beautiful interiors consisting of unique original stained glass and wood carved overhead vaults, but also the unique home of the Wax Museum, the exhibition consists of the oldest wax figures in the world. Now is the right time for you to learn about famous visitors to Karlovy Vary, original members of royal families, presidents, politicians, generals, even dictators from around the world, stars from favorite series and the music scenes, world famous athletes and other prominent personalities of world heritage.

You can see the handsome face of Elvis Presley, who stood on stage for the first time as a ten-year old boy and soon thereafter got his first guitar, just when his stardom started. Take a closer look into the eyes of Winston Churchill, the renowned British politician and Nobel Prize winner, who came into the world as a descendant of an old aristocratic family. Take a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II., who courageously joined the female auxiliary corps during WW2, where she learned to drive and repair automobiles. And not only this but also other stars, such as David Beckham, JF Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Sean Connery, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Princess Diana, as well as Fantomas and Sherlock Holmes, they will all be worth including in your photo albums!


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