Garra Rufa

An old legend tells the story of two brothers who lived in a small Turkish village located near a thermal spring. It is said that when the boys dipped their feet into the water of this thermal spring a shoal of small fish appeared. After a short time the small fish began to nibble at the boys’ feet.  Thanks to his visit to the thermal spring one of the boys was cured of eczema, and as soon as the report of the miracle spread, many other people began visiting the spring.

Hot spring bathing began to attract more people and due to the fact that thermal pools do not provide much food for fish, these little creatures found dead skin on peoples feet to be a natural food source. Thus the development of a natural therapeutic foot treatment using fish named Garra Rufa, who bear the nickname Doctor fish.

Garra Rufa is a Cyprinid species fish and can be found in thermal springs in Anatoly Turkey near the city of Kangal, they can survive in warm water up to 36 ° C and secrete mucus which has healing effects on humans. A shoal of these small fish painlessly nibbles away skin and removes dead skin cells. The fish naturally seek out where the dead skin is located, aiding in the removal of redundant, unwanted and unnecessary cells which in turn prevents skin infections. Such infections can be the cause of skin disease and subsequent visible skin damage. The fish also stimulate acupuncture points and thus contribute to the regulation of the nervous system, relaxation of the entire body and relieving fatigue.

After a fish pedicure your feet will be perfectly smooth, soft and fresh. Treatment of this nature using Garra Rufa fish in a foot bath is completely natural, safe and sanitary. So do not hesitate to come to Wellnessland located in the Carlsbad Plaza hotel, immerse your feet in warm water and enjoy the latest in relaxing and sensual massaging for your feet.


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