Get addicted to a new passion – water

When a waiter asks you at a restaurant what water you would like to drink, you do not have to just ask for the one "with bubbles" or "without bubbles". A new trend is getting popular in the world – drinking of high quality mineral water which is offered by best restaurants and hotels on a separate luxury water menu. Apart from popular French brands Vittel, Evian or Perrier, you may also enjoy water from Canadian glaciers or a Japanese volcano. The Carlsbad Plaza hotel ranks among the first ones in the Czech Republic including water menu in its exclusive offer.

Drinking of good-quality bottled water is a part of the new life style – it is quite normal to order good-quality water with a glass of archive wine as recommended by water sommeliers with select meals. Good-quality bottled water is of several types depending on the place of origin: Spring water, artesian water, glacier water, volcano water, rain water and deep sea water.

Our hotel offer will definitely surprise you with a wide spectrum of luxury flavours and unique brands which you may ask for.

10 Thousand BC is delicious one thousand-year old glacier water, bottled by Canadians in bottles with original wine design.

Finé, a Japanese brand, offers artesian water which high quality is given by the volcano environment in which the soft water has its source. Water sommeliers recommend to drink Finé with caviar.

Iskilde means a "cold spring" in Danish. The water boasts with an exclusively low temperature not reaching up to eight degrees Celsius.

Extraordinary composition of minerals and temperature of 39° Celsius. It is the characteristics of Argentinean Lauquen water, springing in the bosom of the Patagonian nature.

Tynant, a Welsh brand, offers natural mineralized water 450 million years old. Food critics recommend to drink its sparkling variant with crab or fried chicken.

Refreshing spring Veen water comes from the virgin country of Northern Finland and alike Norwegian artesian VOSS water, it ranks among the very clean ones.

Our water menu also offers American spring Bling H2O water, New Zealand Waiwer, Australian Cloude Juice rain water, significantly mineralized British Elsenham, Scottish Speyside Glenlivet or French Wattwiller water, guarded by an order of monks.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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