Grand Restaurant Festival

Launch into gastronomic heaven, or visit the ‘a la carte’ restaurant at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza which for several years has participated in the Grand Restaurant Festival, a traditional holiday for all lovers of good food and drink.

This unique gastronomic event allows all who are interested in quality gastronomy to dine at the best and often the most expensive restaurants in the country at truly symbolic prices. The first Grand Restaurant Festival was held in 2010 and was exclusive to restaurants in Prague. Great interest was generated and the festival gradual ly expanded throughout the Czech Republic and this year its gourmet arts will showcase more than 90 top restaurants.

The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza and its two famous ‘a la carte’ restaurants offer a luxurious three-course menu at an amazing price of 600, - CZK per person and guests can prepare for a true culinary surprises.

The French restaurant ‘La Bohème’ offers a choice of fresh oysters poached in coconut milk served in a light cucumber salad, followed by a hotplate of wild game chicken stuffed with vegetables and accompanied by a sauce of red wine, potato-carrot and sweet Cromesqui. The dining experience ends with a dark chocolate Ganache with homemade creme brulee and mini ball cocoa sorbet with mint leaves.

If you want to explore the flavors of the Far East, the place to go to is the ‘Sweet Orient’ restaurant that serves a variety of sushi fish products accompanied by a selection of sauces. Asian soup with coconut milk, fresh coriander and roasted mushrooms and finally slices fresh duck breast sautéed in red curry served with jasmine rice await guests.

This experience of exquisite dishes, a pleasant restaurant atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff, is not to be missed. Therefore your diary notes should remind you that from 15 January to 28 February 2013 you have a rendezvous with the ‘a la carte’restaurants of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza.
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