Guests interview - subject: Medical Spa Suites

In the previous issue of the Carlsbad Revue we informed you about our unique Spa Suites treatment concept, which has no equivalent in the Czech Republic. In the following lines you can read about the first impressions and experiences of Mrs Gordii Antonina, from the Ukraine, a guest of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza for the fifth time, had with the new Spa Suites.

How many times have you visited our hotel?
We have been coming to Karlovy Vary and enjoying them for many years, and this is our fifth time since 2009 to stay at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

When you first heard about treatment in our Spa Suites, did you appreciate this innovation?
I heard about the Spa Suites for the first time while I was staying at the hotel. Actually, it was quite a surprise for us and we did not know exactly what to expect. We have never encountered a similar concept elsewhere.

How do you like the interior of the new Spa Suites?
They are very tastefully furnished and have a refreshing and refined style. It is obvious that everything was perfectly thought out for maximum comfort and relaxation. We very much appreciate the television and the atmosphere that the fireplace evokes.

How satisfied are you with the new concepts of therapy in the Spa Suites?
Certainly the biggest advantages we see are the privacy, comfort, the individual approach of the therapists who are very professional, friendly and helpful, and we also saved time. The treatments were performed for both of us simultaneously during a 2.5 hour period; hence we could plan other activities, especially long walks in the surrounding forests. We love Karlovy Vary and we always manage to recharge our strength here.

Do you plan to have treatments in our Spa Suites again in the future?
Definitely, we will not change, and we will recommend this exceptional method of treatment in the Spa Suites of your hotel to all our friends.

Once again thank you dear guests, your satisfaction makes our work worthwhile.


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I read the impressions and experiences of Mrs Gordii Antonina, from the Ukraine. I got a lot of insights from her tips. Thank you very much.


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From a portrayal of another Princess ship found on Travelocity: "...and a magnificent warm suite where you'll discover warmed tile lounge seats with water going through them. (The warm suite might be utilized by anybody getting a spa treatment that same day.)"


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We have been coming to Karlovy Vary and enjoying them for many years, and this is our fifth time since 2009 to stay at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza.


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n the following lines you can read about the first impressions and experiences of Mrs Gordii Antonina, from the Ukraine, a guest of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza for the fifth time, had with the new Spa Suites.


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