Handbags...handkerchief, lipstick and off you go...

Already thousands of years BC, during the time of the ancient Egyptians, we recognize the first practical accessory which resembled today’s handbag. It is surprising that handbags are experiencing a real boom in the 20th century, where they have not only become an integral part of stylish clothing for both women and men, but additionally a fashion icon. Today’s contemporary handbag began to appear as simple and practical leather bags with a handle in 1890 and slowly evolved to finally become a fashion accessory towards the end of the 19th Century. At the beginning of the 20th century handbags began to be carried under the arm. 

Eventually, the creation of handbags of famous brands began to indicate the direction of handbags in the world. We refer to models such as the Birkin Bag by Hermes, the 255 from Chanel or the Veneta from Bottega Veneta.

The history of the Birkin Bag goes back to 1981 when the actress and singer Jane Birkin, while in an airplane and placing her straw travel bag in the luggage compartment, the complete contents of the bag fell out. The incident was seen by the then creative director of the “Hermes ” fashion house – Jean Louis Dumas, who was on the same flight. As a result of the incident the first ever Birkin leather bag in the world was created in 1984 and with it the desire of all women and girls to own this handbag.

In the same way Jean Louis Dumas and Coco Chanel had purely practical intentions regarding handbags and took inspiration from military field bags worn on a strap across the chest, this method of carrying the bag allowed the wearer to have both hands free. This design came into fashion in 1929, and its originality and practicality have never been lost.

The Bottega Veneta brand, owners Vittorio and Laura Moltedo, which specialized exclusively in leather goods, eventually began creating leather handbags too.  The brand is well known thanks to its unique “intrecciato” string pattern and exceptional texture. Moltedo refused to label their products with a distinctive logo and instead used the Bottega Veneta promotional slogan: "When your own initials are enough ....." .The brand continues to use this motto today.  


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Already thousands of years BC, during the time of the ancient Egyptians, we recognize the first practical accessory which resembled today’s handbag.


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The history of the Birkin Bag goes back to 1981 when the actress and singer Jane Birkin, while in an airplane and placing her straw travel bag in the luggage compartment, the complete contents of the bag fell out.


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