Head Chef's Asian Recommendation: SHAO YAN YO

Just as the whole of Asia in terms of culture and society is incredibly diverse, the same diversity can be found when looking into their plates and pots. Food is art and gastronomy is philosophy, flavors are subtly mixed and very spectacular presentations of dishes created.

Discover the magic of faraway Asia, which is much closer than you might expect, take a look under the lid of the Asian Sweet Orient restaurant at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza. Acquaint yourself with the fragrant Asian dish called SHAO YAN YO, which contains fine strips of lamb fillet macerated in oyster sauce.

Preparing this requires some special culinary experience and knowledge of Asian cuisine. We begin by cleaning the lamb fillet (tenderloin), cut into long noodle-like pieces and add garlic, ginger, oyster sauce and potato starch. To this mixture add oil and let stand for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, peel and cut the asparagus in half and cook in salted water until semi-soft.

After stir-frying the lamb in a hot wok, add onion, garlic, ginger and broccoli. Stir the mixture, add a splash of Shaoxing rice wine and a little water. Season the dish with dark and light soy sauce, salt, sugar, fish sauce and glutasolem. Add the pre-cooked asparagus, mix everything and sprinkle it with sesame oil. Finally, in a dry heated pan slowly roast sesame seeds and sprinkle on top of the food.

Slowly grilled tomatoes, lightly seasoned with salt and sugar can be used to highlight color. The lamb noodles are served accompanied by excellent steamed jasmine rice.

Please accept our invitation to this delicacy at the Sweet Orient Restaurant and enjoy a restaurant environment where you will feel like you have been brought into the world of the Far East.

Enjoy your meal
Head Chef Luke Paluska and his team


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