Healing power of frost

Using of freezing temperatures for therapeutic purposes is a very old healing method, dating back to the ancient times. All-body cryotherapy ranks among physical spa methods using alternating effects of high and low temperatures, similarly as sauna. The methods, however, differ diametrically in the therapeutic temperature and activity after the procedure. While temperatures plus 60 up to 110°C are normally reached in sauna, the same minus temperature are used in a cryochamber. Moreover, after sauna you should take a quiet rest, moving and doing exercises are common after leaving a cryochamber.

A cryochamber consists of three separated rooms. The first two rooms with temperatures minus 10°C and minus 60°C are through-going and are designed for preparation. In the third chamber the temperature drops dramatically to minus 110°C. Patients should stay there for around three minutes. The procedure is realized in absolutely dry air.

After taking all-body cryotherapy, clients often feel very strong and deliriously happy, which is caused by reflexive production of "hormones of happiness", similarly as after climbing a high mountain on a lovely sunny day or bungee jumping.

If cryotherapy is done regularly as series of procedures, it leads to the mobilization and permanent increase of activity by 15 – 20 percent. Simultaneously, the increased concentration of oxygen in blood, which is caused by the stimulation of breathing at extremely low temperatures, has positive effects on the supply of coronary arteries and enhances the capacity of heart.

The basis of the vitalizing effect of all-body cryotherapy lies in sudden cooling of skin. The temperature of skin will temporarily drop to 2 – 10°C, and will suppress skin nervous ends for a very short while and thus will affect the perception of pain. Therefore the method of all-body cryotherapy has also very positive cosmetic effects.

Regular visits of cryochamber will lead to relaxation of skeleton muscles and improvement of the function of joints, intense supply of blood to all body, disappearance of swellings and inflammations of arms and legs, relief of paid and better psychical condition. Overall effects on human organism are accompanied with significant enhancement of the immunity to acute and chronic diseases.

In the Czech Republic you will find the only all-body cryochamber consisting of three rooms in our Carlsbad Clinic.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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