Hennessy Paradis Givré

Will you taste a special type of Hennessy Paradis cognac; frozen to -23°C, Paradis Givré becomes even more gentle, smooth, creamy, enchanting, feminine, distinctive. With the extra low temperature, it gains its unique and unchangeable round taste. Will you touch tempting crushed ice which will cover you with a veil of expressive and silky taste.

Trapped in ice cubes, your senses will be stimulated and get released with every sip. Will you submerge in the alluring aroma of apricots, honey, rose petals and cinnamon.You will be surprised with the unique taste on your tongue, so irresistible womanly, gentle and sultry. Hennessy Paradis, Cognac thanks to which the paradise is within your reach.

Hennessy – The Art of Mixing

Discover another more exotic face of Hennessy Fine de Cognac. The delicate taste which is people like who are living on all continents of the world, will surprise you with its variability. Hennessy with fresh fruit, spice, gentle fruit juices and soda will not lose its unique nature and charm. Will you taste original Hennessy City cocktails and Long Drinks and reward your refined cosmopolitan tongue with unusual mixture of unique ingredients, combined with extraordinary taste structure of Hennessy Cognac. Paris, New York, Moscow, Miami, Shanghai. Taste the world filled with intense experience.

With the first drop of tempting orange, Hennessy Paris will take you to the twenties. Hennessy New York will enliven banned memories of prohibition, Hennessy Moscow will reveal the choking Russian atmosphere of old times. Thanks to Hennessy Miami with lime and mint, you will wake up at a VIP fashion party, and with Hennessy Shanghai, you will taste the torrid summer of Shanghai of the 19th century.

Travel in time and space. Hennessy will teach you to enjoy every place in the world up to the last sip.



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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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