Hennessy: Veneration for tradition and love for true values

Jakov Frenkel, the general manager of Eden Group a.s. which manages the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, is a great lover of Hennessy Cognac. When he was invited to visit the Hennessy family residence in Chateau de Bagnolet in the province of Cognac in Bordeaux by Ján Kotúč, the Director of the Moët Hennessy representation in the Czech Republic, in April, he did not hesitate a bit: "I have been interested in the history of the renowned Hennessy family, the history of cognacs and everything referring to the manufacture of the excellent brand probably since my birth. To visit the region of Cognac, its famous companies and cellars has been my old dream."

The host put Jakov Frenkel up in the beautiful and ostentatious residence of the Hennessy family. "The residence is very old and typically French, plainly a "chateau". No gold and glittering decorations, but a very artistically and well-appointed home."

The representative of the company showed the entire manufacture of the unique product to Jakov Frenkel. In the still room he could see the unique procedure used for making the cognac. The cellar was impressive thanks to its wealth, as the oldest stocks of eaux-de-vie are located there. "Some demijohns contained eaux-de vie dating back to the year 1800!" recollects Jakov Frenkel.

In the tasting hall the general manager could taste combined harmonies of tastes of individual cognacs and then reveal the secret of the centuries old manufacture of luxury Hennessy cognacs in the laboratory. "I was very pleased to see that Hennessy has kept the well-proven manufacturing methods, regarding the cognac, its storage as well as the manufacture of casks. Hennessy has preserved only the best – its rich tradition and respect for history and fatherland. You will feel the love for Hennessy everywhere."

In the Hennessy residence Jakov Frenkel met the only representative of the old family who works for the Hennessy company – Maurice Hennessy invited him for an exclusive dinner. While Maurice likes Hennessy XO with ice best, Jakov Frenkel prefers Hennessy Paradis. But he has changed his taste preferences since April. "After my visit to France, I fell in love with Hennessy Shanghai Cocktail. You should mix 1 and a half ounce of Hennessy, 3 and a half ounce of ginger lemonade, a few drops of Angostura Bitters and a bit of orange peel," the general manager concludes his story.

Let us invite you for a good drink – you may taste Cocktail Shanghai in our Old Times Bar.


Návštěva v Hennessy

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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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its storage as well as the manufacture of casks. Hennessy has preserved only the best – its rich tradition and respect for history and fatherland. You will feel the love for Hennessy everywhere."


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