Hollywood celebration: 5 years of the Carlsbad Plaza

Opulent gowns and hairstyles, sensual boas, top hats and bowler hats, fragrant cigars, selected delicacies and great company. The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza in February this year had a wonderful reason to celebrate. Not only did the Carlsbad Plaza win another prestigious international award, but it had also been just 5 years since the first guests entered and stayed at the hotel.

Since the opening of the hotel it was obvious that a demanding clientele, accommodated in beautiful stylish rooms combined with a unique spa like atmosphere, would want to return. To avoid disappointment the hotel has always been devoted to concentrating on the continual coziness of the hotel environment and endeavors to improve and expand the services it offers, thus forging a place among the world's top hotels, to which the Carlsbad Plaza now deservedly belongs.

The party, which was held to the theme of thirties and forties Hollywood, reunited a selected group of invitees including major hotel representatives, city councilors and a variety of business partners from the Karlovy Vary region. The event which was aptly named "The Carlsbad Plaza Movie Awards" , undoubtedly resembled a real movie awards, as seen on TV.

The "Old Times" night bar of the Carlsbad Plaza was the venue for the anniversary celebration and the film audience was given the honor of viewing three original film premieres created in the "Eden Group Studios" workshop. The first film to be shown, which focused on the Eden Group, was a documentary film, in the form of a black & white silent comedy shot at the Carlsbad Plaza and was entitled, "There once was a hotel." To conclude, viewers saw a light comedy illustrating the regular management meetings of the Eden Group. The evening's entertainment also included a light-hearted on-stage can-can dance performed by the beautiful and stylishly dressed young ladies from the sales department, which was later followed by a wonderful classical music performance play on the violin. Needless to say the evening's entertainment was met with vigorous applause and laughter.

Another highlight of the evening was the presentation of a cheque for the sum of 25,000 crowns to the Karlovy Vary Parent Centre. Finally, there was the much awaited travel agency recognition awards. This year these awards went to Terma Travel and the Vedi Tour Group and a special 2010 jury prize was awarded to Euro Touch. The party stretched late into the night, and was further enhanced by the many well-wishers.

And what do we wish for the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza?

Increasing future success. After all, the sky is the limit!!

↑ nahoru