Hollywood cocktails: Best memories

Taste Hollywood – the delicate flavour of eternal and inextinguishable fame. Enjoy mixed drinks which bewitched the world from movie screens. The lead roles are played by Whiskey Sour, Daiquiri, Corpse Reviver, Manhattan and you. The dazzling moments that will follow will be directed by Hollywood cocktails. Take a seat quietly and let us start.

Whiskey Sour

As sexy, as dazzling and as seductive as blonde Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch. Who could resist her in the famous scene with white dress blown up? The marvellous cocktail with a half lemon and cherry is also worth notice, the one Tom Ewell drank for breakfast with a sandwich with peanut butter. "Have you ever tried to dip potato chips in sparkling wine?" asks innocent Marilyn.

4cl fresh lemon juice
Egg white
5cl Bourbon or Rye Whiskey
Sugar syrup
2 angostura dashes
cherry with stem

Mix carefully a big dash of egg white with lemon juice and whiskey in a shaker, add sugar syrup and two angostura dashes. Pour in a tumbler and decorate with a cherry.


Excellent cocktail mesmerized Humphrey Bogart so much that he desired to have Lauren Bacall, his film partner from To Have and Have Not, off the screen. The role of Morgan was written according to the owner of Sloppy's Bar in Havana who, according to Ernest Hemingway, did so good Daiquiri that you felt "as if you went down a glacier in powder snow".

5cl fine or white rum
2cl fresh lime juice
2.5cl sugar syrup

Shake ice with other ingredients strongly in a shaker for a short time and pour in a cooled martini glass.

Corpse reviver

In the morning after a party. Do you remember last night? Nobody remembers anything. At such times you should rely on a cocktail coming from Paris, preferably "before eleven a.m." Be careful!

3cl cognac
2cl sweet vermouth
2cl calvados
Orange peel

Put ice, cognac, vermouth and calvados in a bottle and mix it slowly with a spoon till the bottle neck steams up. Then pour in a cooled martini glass and decorate with orange peel.


The cocktail is so delicious that when drinking it, fantastic "Cocktails for Two" as played by Duke Ellington in Murder at the Vanities, a detective musical comedy, will ring in your ears.

5cl Rye Whiskey
1.25cl sweet vermouth
1.25cl dry vermouth
Orange bitter
Orange peel
Maraschino cherry

Pour whiskey, both vermouths and orange bitter in a glass with ice and mix. Serve in a martini glass decorated with a cherry and orange peel.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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