Hooray nature!

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Hooray nature!

Maybe you‘re visiting Karlovy Vary for the first time, or perhaps you’ve visited us several times already, in any case everyone must be thrilled to see this spa town, famous for its founder the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV., which celebrates the 700th anniversary of his birth this year, and the many other important, captivated personalities that the town has hosted.
Step into the magical atmosphere of the forests that make up the blanket that surrounds the city and enjoy a magical feeling.
Carlsbad traditional treatment would certainly not be so proclaimed without its healing natural springs and the position of the spa itself. Walking through the countryside has long been an integral part of therapy because it intensifies the effect of healing and induces an optimal mental state. For all lovers of natural beauty and spa visitors the forests around Karlovy Vary are interwoven with many paths and many places to wander, and will undoubtedly leave an imprinted on the heart. Paths attract amorous adventurers and scenic lookouts. Needless to say the effects of the exercise itself is beneficial. Any physical activity has the potential to cause the brain to release endorphins, otherwise known as happiness hormones
The deep forested territory formerly served as an impassable border, and by the end of II. World War was called the Imperial Forest. After the war many names of local places were reclassified in Czech and thus these forests were given a new name. The one that is known to us today is Slavkov Forest. After the war, unfortunately, followed a dark period and Slavkov Forest was completely changed and the region was integrated into a militarised zone. In 1974 it was declared the Slavkov Forest National Nature Reserve and the now protected area covers an area of 606 square kilometers.
Today there are plenty of nature trails around Karlovy Vary from which to choose from. Assistance for trips to the area can also be provided at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, which offers bicycle rental and arranges Nordic walking or sightseeing trips with a guide.
To learn more about the possibilities of where to go for a walk, visit the web link: www.karlovyvary.cz/cs/lazenske-prochazky


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After the war, unfortunately, followed a dark period and Slavkov Forest was completely changed and the region was integrated into a militarised zone. In 1974 it was declared the Slavkov Forest National Nature Reserve and the now protected area covers an area of 606 square kilometers.


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