Hotel Alliances and Awards

Hotel Alliances and Awards

We climb higher and higher


Undoubtedly the most important award for the hotel Carlsbad Plaza is the appreciation of its guests who return to us with a smile. Just for you and thanks to you, dear guests, the quality of hotel services and luxury climbs higher and higher toward the stars. It is therefore not surprising that the hotel Carlsbad Plaza receives one award after another, not only from guests, but also memberships in world-renowned alliances.
From 2007 to 2015 the hotel Carlsbad Plaza was a member of the prestigious "The Leading Hotels of the World" alliance, an alliance in which we find the most luxurious hotels in the world. This alliance was formed in 1928 and comprised of 38 member hotels, now there are over 430 hotels and resorts from more than 80 countries in the alliance. Our hotel was the first and so far the only in Karlovy Vary, which successfully became a member of this alliance. However, because of some fundamental changes in contractual conditions we decided to resign from the existing membership. Nontheless the prestige and quality of services at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza will remain unchanged as we plan to ensure compliance with all established standards, numbering 1500 in all.
The year 2010 saw the hotel gain membership of  "Les Clefs d'Or", which since 1929 brings together the best hotel concierges from 37 countries. In every 5 * hotel there is a concierge service department, which addresses the different requirements and wishes of its guests.
The year 2011 was a turning point for the Carlsbad Plaza when it was awarded the highest possible European certification "5 * Superior", thanks to which the hotel became the first, and for a long time remained the only, in the Czech Republic to have this award.  Undoubtedly this again confirmed that the hotel rightly belongs among the world`s best. The association Hotelstars Union has annually inspected 270 criteria that our hotel, with its exceptional features, high quality, wide range of services and professional staff, fulfilled. The result therefore allows the hotel Carlsbad Plaza to remain in first place on the list of the best hotels in the Czech Republic for yet another year.
In 2013 the hotel Carlsbad Plaza was ranked in the "Luxury Group", again the only one in Karlovy Vary with such ranking. Thanks to our satisfied guests we won a contest organized by the "Luxury Hotels of the World" in the category "Luxury Historical Hotel 2014" for the Czech Republic, in the same year the hotel became a legitimate member of the "Five Star Alliance" again as the only 5 * hotel in Karlovy Vary to have such membership, and in 2015 our hotel was awarded the "2015 Certificate of Excellence" from the largest online travel portal TripAdvisor.
Welcome to the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa&Wellness hotelu 5*Superior.



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