Hotel Carlsbad Plaza introduces a unique innovation: Spa Suites


Where do you go for a spa holiday? Of course to Karlovy Vary, to the five-star Spa & Wellness Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, where you will be royally catered for. The history of spa in Karlovy Vary began many centuries ago, during those times, Karlovy Vary became a refuge for many famous names - J. W Goethe, TG Masaryk, or Tsar Peter the Great. This list could continue almost indefinitely, but to mention the history of Karlovy Vary means to mention one very important personality; the Czech and German king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. , whose name bears our spa town.

If these people lived today, they would surely stat at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza when visiting Karlovy Vary, a hotel which in a relatively short time, has proven to surprise with and convince of its qualities and high standards since it has opened. The Carlsbad Plaza hotel is, without a doubt, one of the few hotels in Karlovy Vary that has been able to grasp the rich history of Karlovy Vary spa, protect centuries of tradition and carefully add many innovative features. The hotel has recently introduced a totally unique therapeutic concept in the Czech Republic and Europe in general. Consider a novelty at Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, a totally new and unique concept in treatment, the „All Inclusive“ SPA Suites .

Spa Suites are medical suites where clients are offered maximum privacy, care and relaxation. Each of the six newly constructed Spa Suites has several rooms with a total area of approximately 50 m2 consisting of a private bathroom , a multifunctional room with a bath for all types of bath procedures , a massage area , a relaxation area with deck chairs, a fireplace and TV. Each of the six suites has its own name and unique interior, but all remain true to the “Provence” style of decor.

No more moving from cabin to cabin for various treatments, no more procedures at different times of the day. The Spa Suites are designed primarily for clients of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza that are accommodated in one of our suites. This unique novelty saves a lot of time that can be otherwise used to further relax or explore our charming spa town and attractive surroundings.

Would you like to experience true luxury and comfort, relieve your body and soul, restore a balance in life and relax like royalty?  Then visit the hotel Carlsbad Plaza in Karlovy Vary and try a unique new SPA Suite and indulge in the „Spa Suites - All Inclusive treatment program.

The main advantages of our SPA Suites:

  • All procedures are provided in one place
  • All procedures are provided by the same professional
  • Patients have the maximum possible individual care
  • All procedures  are provided in one time slot
  • During procedures clients have absolute privacy and tranquility


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