Hotel gastronomy managed by an experienced man

Mr David Zvára, Food & Beverage Director of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, has more than ten years of practical and business experience in the hotel industry. He passed sommelier courses at the Viticultural Academy in Valtice. He became the director of one of the hotels in Karlovy Vary for two years and then gained catering experience in a network of restaurants. We asked several questions referring to his current position to David Zvára who also worked at foreign banquets and served, for example, the Norwegian or Spanish kings.

What types of boarding does the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel offer to its guests?

At the beginning we had a clear idea that the majority of hotel guests would order full board or half board and therefore we opened the Sorrento buffet restaurant. The guests have the possibility to visit two other restaurants as well. A French one, named La Bohème, which is a top restaurant both in meals and beverages and in the provided services, and the Sweet Orient restaurant focused on Asian cuisine, including fresh Japanese Sushi. The overall development of the hotel restaurants is directed to continuous improvement of the quality of the used products and provided services.

What do you do to enhance the provided services?

We focus on the individual professional growth of our staff depending on the demands of the hotel for a particular position. We organize various training and re-qualification courses and send our employees to off-the-job trainings in Czech Republic and abroad.

Are you preparing any innovations regarding the offered assortment of meals and beverages?

We are going to extend, for example, the choice of luxury mineral water. We would like to use artesian, spring and glacier and rain water. We are also in negotiation to get submarine water from the area of the Hawaii Islands so that our guests could choose of the entire portfolio of waters. The present trend is healthy diet and so we would like to offer meals prepared from bio-products in the Sorrento restaurant.

What motivates you in daily work?

It is the contact with people that is important for me and continuous improvement of the quality of the hotel services together with the fulfilment of unusual requests and wishes of our guests. Moreover, we are preparing another project within which we would like to realize some new ideas and visions, which I find very challenging.


David Zvára

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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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