Hotel Personality

In the periodic column we present a hotel personality and this time we interviewed the sympathetic Director of the SPA Division, Maxima Frenkel.

What does the SPA Division include, and what professions work there?
The SPA Division is currently classified as a Medical Spa Gallery and Wellnessland Alt Karlsbad, then we have Zámecké Lázně and Carlsbad Clinic also. As for the professions, they are approximately 20 different professions. From my position of Director, through the Chief Medical Officer, managers, doctors, chief nurse, to masseurs, receptionists, physiotherapists, nurses ....

What is your job?
My job is to direct the smooth operation of the Spa Division, constant development, planning and marketing.

How many procedures does the hotel Carlsbad Plaza have on offer?
The Carlsbad Clinic located inside the hotel offers more than 230 kinds of medical procedures and treatments. Every day we can provide more than 1200 procedures.

What are the most popular procedures?
The most popular treatments are traditional Karlovy Vary treatments, such as classic massage, and various types of baths, using mineral water. The Carlsbad Clinic is the largest interest in beauty treatments, Thai massage and cryotherapy.

Do guests give you information? Do you follow the trends that are on the market?
We constantly strive to obtain current information about what is new on the market, gradually renovate our facilities and introduce a wider variety of treatments. The most recent include the Fish SPA, we have also introduced a new brand of cosmetic treatments called Ericson, a gold mask and LPG.

How many people care for your guests and what about the hotel specialist medical team?
The whole section of the SPA has about 100 employees. We have a total of 14 medical specialties, including for example, a cardiologist, gastroenterologist, orthopedist, urologist, gynecologist, plastic surgeon, an endocrinologist, a specialist in densitometry, bioresonance and prosthetics ....

What makes the SPA hotel unique compared to competitors?
The SPA Hotel Carlsbad Plaza has an especially unique range and level of procedures and services, complexity of treatment and its unique environment.


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