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Hotel Personality: Romana Mrvová

Once again welcome to our regular column interview with a hotel personality. In this issue we did not hesitate to pose a few questions directly to the director of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, Roman Mrvová.

How did you come to work for Eden Group?

Basically it all started as an incredible coincidence. About 15 years ago a close friend introduced me to Ing. J. Frenkel and since then we have been working together and creating. In fact, I have always worked in the post of Executive Director, but over the years the number of hotels that we as a company have operated has changed.

What is the main focus of your work?

The main element of my work is to ensure that our clients are satisfied and will return to us. In order to be satisfied, everything must function. So together with my colleagues we check everything, devise plans, sets new trends, identify strategies, etc. My colleagues, however, are already experienced directors and managers, and because we all have the same objective, the work is easier and more enjoyable.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in office?

The greatest success of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza was to be accepted into the prestigious alliance of The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), which allow us as a team to achieve the greatest possible value for our hotel. But I have to say that due to annual increases in the standard demands of the LHW it is another considerable success to defend this position annually.

Do you visit other hotels? Do you look for new trends and use them?

I visit other hotels for both business and pleasure. Each visit of another hotel is always very interesting and useful for me. If it is possible to introduce new trends or interests to our hotel, then clearly we try to implement them.

Can our hotel guests look forward to something new?

Definitely. In the words of our Director General, and I totally agree with this: "We must not stop." We are currently preparing a great novelty that will really take the hotel to the next level. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss the details yet. In any case, our clients can look forward to it!


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