Hotel Personality: Mr Jakov Frenkel


Ing. Jakov Frenkel, a successful entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Eden Group, who’s biggest success so far, is the construction and operation of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

Jakov Frenkel is a conscientious man, at least where his profession is concerned. If he had not decided to live in Bohemia, he would have liked to live in Switzerland or Italy. His hobbies are traveling and the hotel industry. And even as a child wanted to be a CEO ...

1) What words would you use to describe the hotel Carlsbad Plaza?
I only need three words -"possibility to choose". It is, in my opinion, the greatest luxury! I can choose from a wide range of procedures, whether to go to a French or Asian restaurants, etc. There is always plenty to choose from and I don’t even need to leave the hotel. This is the Carlsbad Plaza.

2) Is there a higher professional level that you would like to achieve?
When discussing such things with colleagues I have always argued that being CEO is not a profession. I am an educated economist and strategist who’s greatest career success was to be able to assemble a team of people which, from the very beginning, not only created a hotel that became a member of the World Alliance of The Leading Hotels of the World, but which has successfully defended this membership for almost 7 years. Being among the top 450 hotels in the world - that is real professional success.

3) What about other projects?
I'd like to fulfill a dream and built a new hotel in Italy however the current economic situation in Europe is hampering the initialisation of the project.

4) How do you prefer to relax?
I like traveling by car and visiting different hotels around the world. For me it's inspiration, relaxation, a hobby and also part of the job.

5) What country has made the biggest impression on you and where else would you like to visit?
I have traveled to many places, including exotic countries. Europe suits me, I can travel by car. I prefer to choose interesting regions that have a certain charm. I am planning to visit Burgundy, Sicily and Switzerland. I do not need to experience flying to the end of the earth.

6) Do you have a life motto?
The great economist Karl Marx said long ago: "Doubt everything" ...


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What about other projects?
I'd like to fulfill a dream and built a new hotel in Italy however the current economic situation in Europe is hampering the initialisation of the project.


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