Huge architectonic pearl of Karlovy Vary: Emperor's Spa

Karlovy Vary has numerous extraordinary spa buildings. The Emperor's Spa ranks among the most valuable. It was built at the end of the 19th century in the classical style with Renaissance and Baroque elements.

The project was designed by the atelier of Vienna architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer who also realized the unique completion of Grandhotel Pupp and construction of the romantic spa colonnades. They searched for inspiration abroad and applied the latest construction and spa trends in the building. The Emperor's Spa was opened on 05th of May 1895 by laying the last stone. From the very beginning visitors admired the representative look of the building into which it was even possible to drive a carriage, as well as various conveniences, such as a glass lift or 120 modern bathrooms with a rest room, two baths for various types of procedures, washbasin, shower, heating, lighting and even a heater of spa laundry, electric clock or English closet. There was also a monumental staircase, the modern "Zander" gymnastics hall named after the promoter of the very popular therapeutic gymnastics, or the specially equipped "Emperor's Bathroom".

The famous spa era in 1988 when the city rebuilt the architectonic pearl into a casino and six years later the building was closed for good for the public. Currently Karlovy Vary is opening the phenomenal building only exceptionally, for example during the Film Festival held in Karlovy Vary. You may admire the beautiful interior of famous Emperor's Spa at least in a film. Thanks to its special atmosphere, it attracted the director of one Bond film - Casino Royale and was also used for filming Jackie Chan in Shanghai Knights.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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