International film festival

The most important international film festival in Central and Eastern Europe and the only Category A festival in the Czech Republic, as every year in early July, Karlovy Vary is host to the festive atmosphere of the International Film Festival. Despite being one of the oldest film festivals the Karlovy Vary film festival has never struggled with indifference by the state or the public, thanks to Jiří Bartoška and Eva Zaoralová the festival once again achieved prestige and interest from the professional and general public.

Currently, the festival offers visitors a rich program, where most of the attention is given to the competition among international feature films. The nine-day festival is packed full of events, in addition to the film screenings throughout the city there are concerts, parties, ceremonies and press releases. Anticipating what films will be presented and which celebrities will walk down the red carpet in Karlovy Vary is an annual ritual.

On this, the 47th year of the festival, Karlovy Vary hosted many prominent personalities including two film queens, Helen Mirren and Susan Sarandon, who won the award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema. The Norwegian film 'Henrik' was awarded "The Crystal Globe", the top festival award. The Acting awards were taken home by the Pole, Eryk Lubos for his major role in the film 'To Kill a Beaver' and the Iranian actress Leila Hatam, who proved her skills in the movie 'The Last step'. The Best Director Award was handed to the Canadian Rafaël Ouellet for 'Camion'. Jiří Bartoška presented the' President of KVIFF award' to the Czech renowned actor Joseph Somr.

The next International Film Festival will be held from 6.28 - 06.07.2013. Whether you are a film enthusiast, or just like to attend social events, you should not miss the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.


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