INTERVIEW: Tomáš Rolinek

A professional Czech ice-hockey player who began in a forward position became captain of the national hockey team and world champion in 2010 and who now plays in the KHL. Tomáš Rolinek chose to stay at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza for this summer holiday. Our editorial team did not hesitate to allow this important hockey player the opportunity to answer a few questions.

How did you get into hockey?

My dad introduced me to hockey when I was six years old. I debated between hockey and football and I do not really know why I chose hockey because I love football more. However, this does not mean that I now regret my decision.

What  trophy do you value most in your life?

Clearly the title "World Champion". It is caused by the fact that from the beginning of the tournament no one had counted on us succeeding. In addition, we struggle to advance to the quarterfinals but eventually we won that title, it was a great sense of euphoria.

If you had to highlight one game above the others, which would it be?

I have to say three matches from the 2010 World Cup. The quarterfinal due to the equalizing goal with the Swedes, then the semifinals and final in which we beat the Russians.

How and where do you prefer spending your holiday?

I always look forward to when the hockey season ends and I can spend time with my family, because we see little of each other during the year. So I can relax with my family and it doesn’t really matter where, whether at home or on holiday by the sea. However I also like it when we can go somewhere just with my wife for the weekend because my wife is always with the children and it is a lot over a whole year.

What brought you to Karlovy Vary and why did you choose our hotel?

We got advice from friends who were very satisfied with your hotel. They stay at your hotel mainly because of your wellness facilities. I have to say that they do not regret the decision to stay with you.

How satisfied are you with the quality of our services?

Yesterday I tried a traditional massage, my wife had an anti-stress massage and today we plan to have a Thai massage. My wife and I like wellness and sauna, and you have the really great selection of saunas. I would like to make it an annual tradition for my wife and I to stay at your hotel and we would like to come here for long weekends also.

What would you say to our readers?

I myself got a recommendation to your hotel and I would definitely recommend the hotel to others. Whether for accommodation or other services, both are at a very high standard here. For anyone who loves saunas, spa, massages and other treatments and wants to regenerate and relax, this hotel is the right place to do it.


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