Interview with the guest, who spent more than 1 YEAR at our hotel!

Returning guests are our most valuable measure of quality, since it means that such guests appreciate our efforts and our constantly improving and new services.

The following lines are not merely those of a conversation, the folowing words are full of experience, personal impressions and evaluations, and are greatly appreciated. A big thanks to our guest, Mrs Olga Pylaeva from Moscow, who is one of two guests in the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, who has in total spent an incredible 365 days at our hotel, culminating a total of one year of her life with us.

You came to us for the first time on December 12, 2006, less than a year after the opening of the hotel, do you remember your first impression?
Wonderful! I was thrilled with everything. The hotel itself, the beauty of the interior and excellent service, quality of medical treatment, board and spa treatments.

What made you chose our hotel again for your your next stay?
I liked the polite, friendly attitude of the staff, and I appreciated the professional services of doctors, nurses and other staff.

Do you have favorite places in the hotel?
Yes, I have! I like to sit on a couch under the elegant chandelier on the second floor and listen to the enchanting sounds of the piano, or in the lobby bar near the fireplace where I can watch the mysterious tongues of flames in the fire.

You have travelled to us regularly over the past 9 years, do you feel that your health has improved,  has your treatment with us helped you?
I feel a vast improvement! And I will continue coming only to the Carlsbad Plaza - it's the best of all the hotels and the best and most cordial people work here.

If you could be the General Director for one day, what would you do?
I would gathered all the staff and guests together, and I would say: "Smile, ladies and gentlemen, all of you smile at each other, life is still beautiful! We have only one, there will not be another!!! ".


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