Kanebo Sensai: Charm hidden in silk


Kanebo Sensai  is a premium Japanese cosmetics based on the most precious natural silk fiber combined with the latest technological procedures. Close your eyes and you suddenly find yourself in Japan enclosed in natural beauty, a feeling of lightness. Kanebo was founded more than a century ago in 1887 and originally traded cotton. Over time, however, the company began focusing on the natural beauty of silk and the improvement of cosmetic products based on the rare and prized Koishimaru silk and a way to highlight and preserve its purity and smoothness.

For breathtaking Kanebo Sensai cosmetics try the Magic Charm Beauty Lounge at the Carlsbad Clinic in our hotel. We will recommend, from a wide range of skin care and color cosmetics, the correct range of products for your skin in order to highlight and re-establish its natural freshness and charm and/or conceal any imperfections. The Kanebo cosmetics laboratories produce their cosmetics on the basis of their complex dermatological research and thanks to this achieve the highest quality that could not otherwise be achieved. The resulting products are as delicate as possible and above all effective and tailored to the user. Effective skin care and counseling are carefully designed for various skin problems and are adapted to constantly changing global trends.

Beauty is obviously more than just an outer appearance, it is a reflection of ourselves, our self esteem, our courage and our spirit. Silk is a kind of second skin, a skin that reacts positively to all kinds of problems, problems that can be solved and eliminated. This gives our beauty energy allowing our skin to deal with negative operating environments. Be thankful for Kanebo Sensai Cosmetics charm, put your true self on display and do not worry your smile will spread from person to person !


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