Kanebo: Skin cloaked in silk as light as air

Japan, land of the rising sun, gentle and calm women, fragile cherry blossoms, airy Koishimaru silk and excellent cosmetics all for which Japanese silk was the most important source of knowledge.

The company began as Kanebo Spinning in Tokyo in 1887. Almost half a century later a well-known figure in the Japanese spinning industry, Mr Sanji Muto became head of the company. A true connoisseur of Japanese silk , he devoted a lot of time to building up Kanebo as a prominent company. He could not help noticing how beautiful the hands of women working with silk were, and so in 1934 he founded a research laboratory, which confirmed his belief that indeed silk had beneficial effects on skin. In 1936 he created his first Kanebo beauty product, a luxurious soft oil soap, which immediately gained fame around the world. And the excellent reputation of the company has remained ever since.

One of the latest silk products is Sensai, a series of prestigious anti-aging skin care products created using the latest technologies used in dermatology and skin-care combined with ancient oriental recipes. Within these unique formulas is the concept of harmonization and care, which corresponds to the philosophy of Ki-Shin-Tai (mind-body-skin).

The concept of luxury Japanese brands also includes procedures and treatments that are now exclusively available in the Magic Charm Beauty Lounge at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza. Exclusive care affects and treats all five senses at once, more precisely described with the words: 'Feel your beauty'. It focuses on intensifying the pleasure of touch and taste and brings unexpected auditory and olfactory sensations. These sensations are further enhanced by adding the emotional colors of the sakura flower whose appearance ignites positive body vibrations and meditative music whose rhythm corresponds to the natural human heartbeat, including the relaxing fragrances of lavender, coriander, bamboo, jasmine and amber combined with the dominant component of ylang-ylang. Each procedure is accompanied by the specific and captivating taste of green or herbal tea granules of paddy rice. Altogether creating a wonderful experience, whether in the form of a massage, acupressure, or simply a mere skin on skin sensation. The reward is perfect beauty, a well-balanced mind and satisfaction.

Sensai means softness, and it reflects the overall approach to skin care. Based on the scientific theory of cellular memory and the diamond theory. The result of the unification of both theories in practice is a luxury treatment that revives and reprograms cells in the skin, minimizes signs of aging and richly nourishes and hydrates the skin at a cellular level. Enjoy harmonizing your senses, Japanese style !


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Published date: Aug 9, 2011

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