Karat Kingdom

The Glamour Diamond Company has for many years been focused on selling luxury diamond jewelry and watches. The company's philosophy is to satisfy the wishes of all customers, and therefore the eponymous jewelry boutique at Staré Louce in Karlovy Vary offers its clients a wide range of world-famous jewelry brands, whose very name is a guarantee of quality, the use of precious stones and original design.

At the stylish Glamour Diamond boutique you can choose from a collection of renowned Italian brands such as Pasquale Bruni, Utopia, Chimento, Crivelli, Charade, Moraglione, Paolo Piovan or Fope, whose jewelry is a direct epitome of Italian elegance and precision jewelry craftsmanship.
The Brazilian jewelry maker ‘Bruman’, recognized for creating jewelry with a variety of colors and its huge popularity among world celebrities, can also be found in Glamour Diamond boutiques.

French charm represented by watches and jewelry from Korloff, whose name is derived from the legendary black and also the largest diamond in the world "Korloff Noir", continues to be a symbol of the spirit of the company. The Individuality and uniqueness of Korloff jewelry is enhanced by using specially cut diamonds that can only be used in Korloff jewelery.

Fans of quality Swiss watches can also find satisfaction in Glamour Diamond boutiques with a choice from the latest Graham London collection of chronographs or automatic pieces from Perrelet watches, Longines or Cuervo y Sobrinos.

Do not hesitate to visit the Glamour Diamond boutique at 50 Staré Louce in Karlovy Vary, where in December 2012 a new designer boutique opened its doors to all fans of diamonds and accessories. 


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