Karlovy Vary AIRPORT

Are you coming for a luxurious stay at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza and to visit the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary? If so, then why not choose air transport and land directly at Karlovy Vary airport and avoid unnecessary travel. Touch down at the fourth largest international airport in the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary Airport .

Airport history in briefly...

The emergence of the airport at our spa town was driven by aviation , more specifically civil aviation in the early 20th century . Limited air traffic began on the 15th of May 1931 with the route Prague - Marianske Lazne - Karlovy Vary and in 1936, thanks to promising development, Karlovy Vary airport was networked to other European airports . In the waring years of the second World War Karlovy Vary airport was occupied by a Luftwaffe fighter pilot school and the airport war seriously damaged during the fighting. In 1946 the airport was again successfully put into operation.

in 1952 a new era for the airport began with the construction of a new runway and by 1978 the airport was hosting a record total of 50,000 passengers per year. The result of dire state measures to save fuel meant a sharp increase in airfare prices and the airport quickly lost its clientele. In 1989, however, the airport again returned to international airport status, and after a lot of investment and implemented adjustments can reasonably expect further increases in airport traffic.

The airport terminal underwent extensive redevelopment in 2009 and the modernization project was confidently awarded 1st place for „Building of the Year“ in the Karlovy Vary region.

Today ... Karlovy Vary Airport in numbers

The airport handled a total of 54,670 passengers in the first half of 2013, up 6.3 % from the previous year. The strongest month in terms of number of passengers was the month of April with a total of 12,374.

No matter how you decided to travel to Karlovy Vary the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza will always pleasantly surprise you by its luxury transfers and warm welcome. 


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No matter how you decided to travel to Karlovy Vary the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza will always pleasantly surprise you by its luxury transfers and warm welcome.


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