Karlovy Vary celebrates its 650th anniversary

Legend about the foundation of Karlovy Vary

Once upon a time Charles IV went for a hunting expedition to the woods in the hilly region and through valleys where hot springs rise nowadays. During the hunt, one of his dogs started chasing a game. While chasing it, it fell into a pool with springing hot water. The dog howled in pain to call the hunters. They heard the howling and rushed to help supposing that the dog was hurt by the chased game.

They were amazed seeing the dog. They came up to the pool, pulled the dog out and tried the hot water which had scared the dog before. They told Emperor Charles IV about the incident who together with his retinue went to see the place and admired the extraordinary beauty of the nature's work.

In the presence of his doctors, the wise monarch noted that such hot water may heal various serious illnesses and is very helpful and recuperative. Then he poured the water on his sore leg and felt relief and improvement. It made him happy and he ordered that the location should be settled and houses should be built around the spring.

Karlovy Vary today

It happened in 1358 and 650 years have passed since then during which the fame of the city of Karlovy Vary has spread all over the world, not only due to hot curative springs, and the city has changed into one of the biggest pillars of European spas, such as German Baden-Baden.

Thousands of guests, including the most demanding ones, visiting Karlovy Vary every year are attracted not only by curative springs, they can enjoy the comfort of luxury hotels, as well as services of numerous spa, wellness and medical facilities, such as Carlsbad Plaza, Carlsbad Clinic or "Zámecké Lázně" (Palace Spa). That is why Karlovy Vary has reached the imaginary top of the pyramid of most prestigious European resorts, together with Cannes, St. Moritz, Courchevel or Baden-Baden.

13 of 79 springs of various strength have been entrapped which are used for drinking cures. The composition of local mineral waters is very similar, but thanks to their different temperature and content of oxygen, their effects are various.

Thanks to their specific and unique qualities and almost a universal range of use, patients with various diseases are cured in Karlovy Vary, such as diseases of the alimentary tract, metabolism disorders, diabetes, gout, obesity, periodontal disease, diseases of motion organs, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and gall tract diseases, states after oncological diseases or neurological diseases.

Today Karlovy Vary really offers everything you wish – excellent accommodation and boarding of any category, unique spa and wellness cures, beautiful and historical environment, sports and cultural facilities and mainly charming atmosphere. So if you are looking for a place where to spend pleasant and special time, a place you would like to see again, Karlovy Vary surely is such a place.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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