Lamb "Crispy" several flavors

Regular visits the hotel's kitchen allows glimpses at the Head Chef's culinary secrets. This issue is no different so you can enjoy reading the secrets of the French delicacy ‘Lamb “Crispy” several flavors’.

The main ingredient of the recipe is a leg of lamb without the bone which is marinated in pre-marinated sliced root vegetables, green onions, shallots, fresh ginger, dried apricots, salt, freshly ground pepper, fresh thyme leaves and honey. Place the meat and marinade mix together overnight in the refrigerator.

Sear the lamb rump on all sides in hot oil. Then remove it, add quality white wine and allow to cook until “glass”. Then add the lamb “fond”, broth and meat and cook slowly in an oven for 4-5 hours. Once the meat is tender remove from the oven with the vegetables and put to one side. Remove excess water from the dried apricots and vegetables and retain for a later sauce. Cut meat and steamed vegetables to into small cubes, add chopped herbs and place into the "Spring Rolls" dough in neat rolls. Just before service, fry until golden brown.

Cook soaked chickpeas until soft, drain and lightly fry in olive oil. Add salt, pepper and a little cream. Cook briefly, drain through a sieve and add “gross confit” tomatoes and dried apricots. At the end prepared a sauce using the drippings from the pre-cooked meat and mix in small cubes of butter. You must not cook the dripping and butter.

Serve the chickpea purée in the middle of a hot plate to which we add Crispy fried lamb halves, on which you can place a beautiful pink roasted lamb chop. To finish, nicely decorate with a beautifully golden sauce with roasted apricots.

If you wish to taste this recipe then visit our restaurant “La Bohème”, where our French chef, Mr. Pierre Léotard will prepare this dish for you.

We wish you an enjoyable meal
Lukas Paluska and his team  


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