Les Clefs d´Or: Unlock with a gold key

The world around us is largely unknown, but little by little we are managing to conquer it. Thanks to the possibility of travel we have the whole world at our fingertips. Many of us prefer luxury accommodation with the best possible service when travelling. It is obvious that you, our guests, expect superior service and the highest quality, hence the reason you have stayed at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza. Our hotel has justifiably proud concierges who are members of the „Les Clefs d'Or“ (Golden Keys), bringing together the world's best concierges.

All members of „Les Clefs d'Or“ are proud to wear two crossed keys as the emblem of this association on the lapel of their uniform. If you expect perfect service, professional conduct, politeness, understanding and a smile, you're in the right place, our Concierges are true professionals. And how did it all start?

The beginnings, which led to the establishment of professional concierge services, are associated with the expansion of international tourism in the early 20th century. The most renowned European hotels in Switzerland were the first to offer this service. Hall Porters, who took care of the guests during their stay. The first historical lines of the prestigious Association of the „Les Clefs d'Or“ began in October 1929 when Pierre Quentin, concierge at the Ambassador met other Parisian concierges and then the association was born.

Today the „Les Clefs d'Or“ association brings together more than 4,000 concierges from 37 countries around the world. Among the hotels that in this noble membership are such great hotels as the Ritz hotel in Paris, Sacher in Vienna and the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. After fulfilling many challenging conditions the hotel Carlsbad Plaza became a valued member in October 2010 and was the first hotel in Karlovy Vary to do so. Should you have any requests, do not hesitate to contact our hotel concierge.



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