Let you have a cuddle in natural elements

Would you like to get cream peeling by sand from Bora Bora island? Or massage by precious rose semiprecious stones which will smooth your skin gently? Or would you like to make your body energy circulate by a massage with rain sticks? The Magic Charm Beauty Lounge cosmetic salon in the Carlsbad Clinic offers perfect interconnection of your body with fundamental natural elements via new exclusive Terraké cosmetic treatment portfolio, using their dominant potentials.

Curing mellow ground, translucent water, refreshing air and healing herbs have become inspiration for luxury Terraké cosmetics, giving your skin soothing moisture, nutrients and minerals. Thanks to its unique effects, your complexion and skin will become youthful, more flexible, resistant and firm. Terraké cosmetics have healing effects not only on skin, but they affect positively the state of mind of every individual.

You may try individual products of the Terraké series in the cosmetic salon and proposed procedures, tailored to meet your needs. The "Magic Earth" treatment will harden and form your body and ensure re-mineralization in "Strength of Minerals" procedures and "Rare Country" skin cure against wrinkles. "Prime Waters" procedures will moisturize your skin and supply of energy to your body. Submerge in limpid sea waves and have a cuddle in red sea weed and sea extracts from Antarctic "Sea Wave" or "Sea Origin" in procedures. The salon offers "Luxury Plant Life" treatment against cellulitis, contouring of figure and supply of necessary nutrients. The "From Air and Light" series will ensure detoxification and oxygenation of your organism. Terraké does not forget men and offers them a mask and the "Strength of Minerals" treatment by semiprecious stones as well.

Wake up your body up into new energy and listen to the mission of the four elements. Just choose a strong companion and let your body have an extraordinary experience.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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