Ladies footwear

Shoes formerly served only as a protection against the cold, later they divided people into rich and poor. And today? Today, shoes are a clear expression of lifestyle, they say you know a person by their shoes. Women tend to easily form an addiction or dependence on shoes, and the more pairs they have the greater the appetite.
How were ballerinas or high heels created? Probably like every phenomenon that hit the whole world, very discreetly. The ballerina phenomenon is owed to Rose Repetto, whose son Roland Petit was a dancer at the famous Opera Garnier. It was at a time in 1947 when Rose sewed the first shoes for her son, shoes that had to be comfortable while dancing. This worry about her son’s welfare would lead to a revolutionary idea - the inner lining for supple leather shoes. She certainly had no idea that its creation would start an avalanche, when all the other dancers started asking for her dancing shoes - ballerinas.
The crucial change came one day with Brigitte Bardot, when she asked Rose to sew a pair of red ballerinas for her. The charming actress revealed theses shoes in the film "And God Created Woman", suddenly France could not find one woman who did not want to have such shoes. And so, as if by magic ballerinas became a renowned fashion accessory.
A very important step for women's footwear was the addition of the heel to the shoe. But this is not an achievement of modern civilization, ancient Egyptians had already worn heeled shoes, especially women of easy virtue. Walking the high life has not always been the prerogative of women, a male part of the population also succumbed to heels, as was the case with French king Louis XIV. We posthumously pay tribute to him for walking in high heels, heels that were higher than 10 centimeters.
It is almost incomprehensible that the American Puritans call heeled shoes "the devil's instrument", they even had their own law of the „heel“. Thankfully, they failed to eradicate heels. A sheer boom occured with the arrival of the 20th century, when walking in „heels“ from Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin became a matter of prestige.




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