Lifestyle: A pretty hot ride in a Bugatti Veyron ...


Would you believe that a chauffeur to drive you in a Bugatti Veyron is not an obligation?!, because we understand that in this souped-up machine you want to sit behind the wheel yourself. This production car was introduced in 2005 in Vienna. The history of the third most powerful series-produced car in the world began much earlier, in 1939, when the race-car driver Pierre Veyron won the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a Buggatti 51A. Since then the Buggatti carries his name.

Man is by nature a cautious creature, but we can not deny that we love speed and that we  constantly try to break the limits of speed. No doubt the Buggatti Veyron with its thousand and one horse-power under the hood is the right tool for speed and in the first year of its introduction it set a world speed record of 407.16 km / h. It is no wonder that the Veyron has 9 coolers. Only 300 of these magnificent cars were produced.

... and even hotter in the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

As we mentioned above, the Veyron is the third most powerful car in the world. Now we will tell you that the most powerful as well as the first series-produced car in the world is the Buggatti Veyron Super Sport. Faster than the vast majority of super sports cars, the technical data of this 'spaceship' is extraordinary. There is 1200 horsepower under the hood,  which is about 200 hp more than the standard Veyron, an eight litre engine with sixteen cylinders, and allows zero to 160 km / h in under five seconds and 0-300 km / h after 14.6 seconds. Close your eyes, you’ve just engaged seventh gear and the engine crankshaft is rotating exactly 6400 times per minute. The contents of the hundred litre fuel tank of the Veyron Super Sport turns into a hot gas in less than 8 minutes. The Super Sport was produced in a limited edition of only 30 cars and costs $ 2,500,000. But who wouldn’t want to have a Buggati Veyron SuperSport in their garage?

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