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Golfers have the many expressions for the game, for example golf is a wonderful lifestyle, golf is a worldwide phenomenon, golf is a way of relaxation, golf is a game you like to play over and over again your whole life...

The last expression tells us that golf is a sport and the words give us quite a clear understanding that the sporting activity requires a lifelong sacrifice. Despite understanding the initial simplicity of a golf club and a small hard ball which, when used together, should result in the ball falling into each of the 18 holes in as few strokes as possible, this game hides incredible difficulty, therefore perseverance is required in order to achieve your dream goal of becoming an experienced golfer . It is this unique phenomenon that sees people playing golf until a very advanced age; it’s a great game for the whole age spectrum. So retain the joy of even the smallest successes, because you still have plenty of time to improve your golf.

Another synonym for golf - golf is a wonderful lifestyle that gets under the skin of more and more people. With this lifestyle comes the recently very trendy golf tourism, which has resulted in the creation of more and more new golf course that interestingly tend to have an area of approximately 60 hectares, and typically 18 holes.

The Carlsbad Plaza hotel has its own golf enthusiasts, and we also offer to arrange this pleasant way to relax. Locations such as the Golf & Racing Club Karlovy Vary, where the golf course is in the middle of the racecourse, or the Golf Resort Karlovy Vary, which is one of the oldest courses not only in Czech Republic but also in Central Europe and is situated just 5 km from the center of Karlovy Vary, or take a trip to the Royal Golf club in Marianske Lazne, which since 2003, boasts the right to use the title " Royal golf club " thanks to the generous decision of the British Queen, Elizabeth II .
Live beautifully, live golf ...


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We can see many Golf clubs where people are in love with Golf. Most hotels now offer good golf courts as many people are interested in this game. It was interesting to read how Golf becomes a a wonderful lifestyle, phenomenon, and a way of relaxation. Thanks for sharing.


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I totally agree with that, golf is a wonderful lifestyle. We can say it is the game of rich people too. This game hides incredible difficulty, and therefore perseverance is required in order to own your dream goal of becoming an experienced golfer. You need lot of practice and skill.

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Golfers have the many expressions for the game, for example golf is a wonderful lifestyle, golf is a worldwide phenomenon, golf is a way of relaxation, golf is a game you like to play over and over again your whole life...


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