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Already at birth a newborn recognises the smell of its mother. Scent accompanies us throughout life. Fragrances are part of our personality, and so each of us deliberately looking for our scent  - our perfume.

Perfume is a mixture of essential oils and other aromatic compounds. The use of perfume evokes different feelings in people, but above all a desire to emphasize the character of its wearer. Among   classic perfume ingredients are naturally flowers and fragrant spices while tobacco is often added to men’s perfumes. Further ingredients include extracts of wood resins and exotic trees. Less common ingredients are obtained synthetically. For example musk, that in the past was obtained from a subcutaneous pouch  of the musk deer, and believe it or not, this substance is the basis for most perfumes. Another such ingredient is ambergris, a substance which whales naturally eject and is collected on the surface of the water.

The production of perfume is alchemy, chiefly the scented essences of aromatic plants obtained by distillation. This method has been known for thousands of years. To obtain scented essences the plant is placed in boiling water then essential oils are collected from the surface. The obtained fragrances are placed in metal tubes which are impregnated with a solvent. Followed by condensation which allows the formation of a thicker substance - essential oils. Separate fragrances are generally stored in metal containers specifically designed for this purpose. Before the fragrances can be used in perfume, experts test them for their quality. The final composition of scents is the work of true professionals, which is adorned with a good dose of imagination and talent. This stage is involves endless experimentation, and is the most important step for a potential perfume.

Fragrances are divided according to the percentages of odoriferous substances. Perfume - contains 15 to 30% aromatic substances, Eau de Parfum - 8-15%, Eau de Toilette - 4-8% and Eau de Cologne - contains 3 to 5% fragrances.

We love perfumes and perfumes love our bodies. This is a perfect symbiosis. Love yourself too…





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Fragrances are divided according to the percentages of odoriferous substances. Perfume - contains 15 to 30% aromatic substances, Eau de Parfum - 8-15%, Eau de Toilette - 4-8% and Eau de Cologne - contains 3 to 5% fragrances.


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