Lifestyle: Travel in luxury


Do you like to travel? Then voyage in style. Luggage is an essential part of traveling. Not only is your luggage very practical and provides safe storage for your personal belongings, it  also reflects your preferences in fashion style and luxury accessories.

If you like traveling in luxury why not allow your belongings to travel in luxury too. In this article we would like to introduce you to some luxury luggage brand manufacturers with whom you can enjoy packing and preparing to get on the road.

Rimowa, true character that always has its advantages
Rimowa, based in Cologne, Germany, is a world-famous manufacturer of deluxe luggage. With their aluminum structure, distinct lines and parallel reinforcing ribs Rimowa has attracted and satisfied many a traveler. The timeless aesthetics of Rimowa luggage and its characteristic shape perfectly complement the most important functions of luggage. The advantages include easy handling, durability and low weight, thanks to the use of aluminum in its manufacture.

The Rimowa suitcase brand is internationally synonymous with the everlasting design of true travel luggage. Be timeless, travel with Rimowa luggage.

GOYARD, a legacy of excellence
The famous Parisian luggage brand Goyard is greatly appreciated for its true luxury and craftsmanship. This highly creative luggage not only satisfies, but also allows its owner to exhibit style and charm. Goyard bags are inspired in a special way and portray the unique identity of the manufacturer. Despite the apparent simplicity, this luggage is the result of calculated work and attention to detail. The high resistence and strength of Goyard luggage ensures perfect sophistication and protection from both outside and inside. Another great benefit for ladies is that stylish Goyard bags can be worn inside-out.  The bag hides its second visage inside !

Be inspired, voyage with Goyard.

The Carlsbad Plaza Hotel greets each guest with a warm welcome, whether with or without Goyard or Rimowa…………




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