Live a sensible life, do not exaggerate anything

"Live a sensible life, do not exaggerate anything. Move a lot and eat rationally," MUDr. Alexandr Lukovnik says to his patients as the head physician of the Carlsbad plaza luxury medical centre, who was pushed to come to Karlovy Vary years ago by his family and bad economic situation in Russia. Since then he accomplished the specialist postgraduate studies in surgery, anaesthesiology and resuscitation in the Czech Republic and participated in the establishment of the best clinic in Karlovy Vary. "In 2003 the management asked me to prepare a concept of the medical section of a new spa hotel. Today I may say without the slightest doubt that there is not any similar facility in Karlovy Vary and I think that there will not be for a long time," says Alexandr Lukovnikov with a smile. He recommends the hotel guests to try cryotherapy, Thai massages, cosmetics or diagnostics and dreams that the offer of procedures could be extended with obesitology.

Why did you decide to study medicine and balneology?

By mere coincidence. I was interested in biology when I went to basic school and secondary school and I wanted to study biology at university. In the ninth class one of my friends said that he would like to study medicine. I thought why not try it? I started reading books about the work of doctors and was impressed by surgery. But another obstacle arose on my way to medicine – I was not admitted when I applied first, I missed half a point to be admitted. I found a job. I started to work as an ambulance attendant. After a year of had work and preparation for examinations, I passed the entrance examination and became a beginner surgeon six years later. After I moved to the Czech Republic, I got to physiotherapy. And seven years ago Ms Romana Mrvová, director of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, offered me to work for Eden Group company, I accepted because the offer seemed to be interesting and decided very quickly.

What are your responsibilities as the head physician of the hotel?

I am responsible for medical issues only. I endeavour to increase the quality of treatment continuously. I wish that our patients go home satisfied and will come back. I also treat patients and execute professional work as an anaesthesiologist in the operating room.

Do you often remember your patients?

I have had several interesting clients, but from the medical point of view, the so-called major cases. For example, patients with diabetes whome we helped a lot. Other patients did not want to believe in the success of therapy, but at the end of their stay they came again to apologize and express their gratitude. I am still in touch with the first patient I operated in the Carlsbad Clinic. I also meet VIP clients in the clinic, but for me, a doctor, every patient is a human being. The term "VIP" looses its importance in a doctor's office.

How do you like living in the Czech Republic?

I am very satisfied. I go for sports, I like cycling, jogging, cross country skiing in winter or reading. I take the beneficial procedures at the hotel, I have undergone gas injections and I am going to visit the cryochamber. I have a favourite place in Karlovy Vary. It is a small park opposite the Richmond Hotel. There used to be an outdoor cinema, it is a pity that it doesn´t exist any longer. But the park remained to be tidy and nice.


Alexandr Lukovnik

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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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